A range of sheltered work areas

The residents join one of nine work teams with supervision, based on their levels of functioning and interests. These work areas provide therapeutic value along with all the benefits of a proper job – servitude, acknowledgement, pride, self-esteem, companionship, quality of life and hope.

Intellectually disabled day workers from the area also join the teams. The working day starts at 09:00 and ends at 16:30, and this includes lunch and breaks. The services and products that are sold provide an important income stream to Horizon House and its residents.


alg herwinning


The heart of Horizon House is green – our recycling project has been going for a couple of years now. Recycling creates a cleaner and greener environment, helps to preserve scarce natural resources and provides employment so some 65 people with a primary intellectual disability in the Stellenbosch area. This group, which includes people from Horizon House, the Stellenbosch Work Centre and the Kayamandi Forum for Differently Abled People, sorts various types of plastic, paper and other recyclable materials. Homes, businesses, Stellenbosch University and Stellenbosch Municipality drop loads of unsorted waste which is then sorted by this team before further recycling and processing can take place.

Arts and crafts


This team does sewing and craft work, and makes dolls, scarves, clothes, quilts and other household items.

Woodwork and restoration


This team restores and repairs furniture. This includes matting, riempie work, sanding down and varnishing. We also make wooden toys and garden and patio furniture to sell.

Cleaning services


This group cleans the offices and communal areas, and keeps the premises neat and tidy.

Laundry services


This section functions like a laundry and takes care of the washing and ironing of the residents and centre.

Maintenance services


They help with repair work and the maintenance of the buildings and grounds. They also do preventative maintenance.

Garden and estate services


This group takes responsibility for all aspects of the garden and grounds.


bakkery 1

This team makes chicken pies, rusks, bobotie and other treats to sell to the public. Orders can be placed from Mondays to Wednesdays, and can be collected at the centre on Fridays.
Price list

Catering and dining room

spyseniering 1

This group prepares meals for the residents and keeps the kitchen and dining-room clean and tidy. They also undergo training to prepare refreshments for internal meetings.



All the work-area teams receive continuous training to perform their daily duties independently and also to acquire life skills.

External employment

Some of the residents are employed by business in the area.