The management of Horizon House consists of a board of directors, executive director and various managers and heads reporting to the executive director:

  • Board of directors
  • Executive director
  • Finance
  • Development
  • Technical services
  • Work areas
  • Social services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Food services
  • Residential services
  • Administration

Board of directors

Mr MS (Tommy) O’Kennedy (Chairperson)
Dr JF (Frederick) Marais (Vice-chairperson)
Mrs EC (Elza) Bresler (Executive Director)
Mrs FJ (Freda) Daniels
Dr P Le M (Peter) Nicolle
Dr JF (Frederick) Marais
Ms S (Sariaan) Weich
Mr I (Iaan) Marx



Executive director: Mrs EC (Elza) Bresler
Accountant: Boland Woest
Manager Development: Martie de Lange
Manager Sheltered Work Areas: Lindie Snyman
Manager Social Services: Anne Fredericks
Head of Residential Services: Annatjie Ludik


Executive Secretary: Crystal Pillay
Social Worker: Annica Potgieter
Project Co-ordinator Development: Lauren Pillay
Secretary Development: Jennilee Michaels
Reception : Hayley King
Administrative Assistant: Elize Aucamp
Clinic Sister: Welna Snyman
Medical assistant - junior: Hazel Jacobs

Bakery: Annie de Klerk
Grounds keeper: Vissie de Klerk
Maintenance: Carel Botha
Cleaning services: Berenice Booysen
Housekeeping: Esmerelda Botha
Crafts: Hanlie Meiring-Smit
Crafts Assistent: Lissy Skippers
Woodwork/Carpentry: Thulani Ubisi
General Recycling: Ronel Daniels
General Recycling / Driver: Patrick Skippers
Paper Recycling: Elaine Rhode
Paper Recycling / Driver: Jaydine Jones
Food Preperation: Merna Pool
Caregiver - Senior residents (day): Dean Jones
Caregiver - Special care (day): Elsabe Abrahams

Room assistants:
Tholi Dubayi
Dora Williams
Elana Edens

Weekend seniors on duty
Berenice Booysen & Patrick Skippers
Vissie & Annie de Klerk
Lissie Skippers & Carel Botha

Night staff
Essie Snyders (Senior on duty - Week)
Susan Koopman
Edwina Weber
Paulina Manuel
Sarie du Plessis
Zandria Manuel
Tsepiso Lozani
Siviwe Sobuza
Mariska Otto (Special care - night)
Gertruida Abercornie (Special care - night)