Bring paper and plastic for recycling – our heart is green!

Households and companies can bring old paper, magazines, newspapers and plastic for us to sort for further recycling. Please ensure that all the containers are empty and clean. Recycling provides an additional income stream to Horizon House. (We get the highest prices for office paper of any colour and also for glass.)

  • Delivery times for recycling materials: weekdays 09:00 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16:30
  • Paper: newspapers, magazines, glossy magazines, office paper (white and colour), flyers, advertisements, junk mail, any other paper
  • Cardboard: any cardboard, cardboard boxes or cartons such as those used for cereals, medication, wine and tissues. (No cartons lined with foil inside, such as those used for long-life milk and fruit juice.)
  • Plastic: Any plactic bowls, containers, cans and bottles (e.g. for milk, yoghurt, vinegar, cold drinks, ice cream)
  • Glass: any glass bottles, window panes, etc,
  • Aluminium: any tins or containers
  • Steel: any objects
  • Polystyrene: any clean containers and packaging materials (e.g. packaging for meat, vegetables and take-aways)

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