If you do not want to join Horizon House’s Circle of Friends, you can still make a valuable contribution. Friendship funding provides people who are Friends of Horizon House with the opportunity to recruit new friends to become involved and to support us. The essence of friendship funding is friends caring for friends or an issue they would like to support. Friends can do the following:

  • They remain updated on what we do by receiving regular communication (e-mail and printed newsletters)
  • They invite prospective new friends via a letter or e-mail to join as a friend
  • They host a dinner for 10 to 20 friends and invite us to do a short presentation to tell them more about Horizon House
  • They become involved by directly investing money in a trust in order for Horizon House to benefit from the proceeds.

How to become a friend of Horizon House: Become a friend of Horizon House and we will keep you updated on news and happenings at Horizon House. You will also receive our free newsletter. Simply complete the form for Friends of Horizon House. Kindly contact us for further information.